Vatican-honored Catholic politician continues her pro-abortion advocacy

- LIFE SITE NEWS - Feb 19, 2021 -

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent -

Minister Lilianne Ploumen visits Pope Francis May, 2015.

Lilianne Ploumen, a member of the Dutch House of Representatives, accused Donald Trump of making women seeking an abortion feel intimidated.

February 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) -- Lilianne Ploumen, the Dutch politician who received a medal as “commander” of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great in 2017 despite her pro-abortion activism, has continued her fight for so-called “women’s rights” over the last four years and in her latest statement a few days ago touted abortion to left-wing daily Het Parool.

Asked whether it is still necessary to work for “women’s rights” in the Netherlands, Ploumen answered, “Yes. We’ve really made progress in the Netherlands. But women are still earning less than men for the same work. And I also see the consequences that four years of Trump in America have for the Netherlands: women going to abortion clinics are being intimidated more often. I’m worried about that.”

Henk Rijkers, former editor-in-chief of the Dutch Catholic daily Katholiek Nieuwsblad who now collaborates with Civitas Christiana, tweeted, “Dutch politician Lilianne Ploumen, decorated by @pontifex Francis with the Pontifical Equestrian Order St. Gregory the Great, is campaigning for abortion again. She now blames President Trump for the harassment of women at abortion clinics. (Which does not happen, by the way.)”

Since the award was presented by Ploumen in 2017 by the Vatican, the Holy See has had ample time to rescind the "prize." At the time, she had added insult to injury by boasting that the award given by Pope Francis was not only that of a “dame commander” of the Order but a “confirmation” of her advocacy “for girls and women, for abortion.”

At the time of the gift, she was the co-founder of #SheDecides, a government-level European pressure group aiming to raise funds to compensate Donald Trump’s defunding of U.S. aid to abortion via the Global Gag Rule – and has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars since then to do just that.


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