Swedes Chill To Harvard’s “Sun Dimming” Experiment

- TECHNOCRACY NEWS - Dec, 21, 2020 -


Schematic of some geoengineering ideas, including both solar geoengineering (e.g. reflective aerosols, space mirrors) and carbon dioxide removal (e.g. afforestation, CO2 air capture). Figure by Rita Erven/Kiel-Earth-Institute.

The political statement of this geoengineering experiment is that if you don’t voluntarily stop using fossil fuels on your own, Technocrat scientists will simply turn the lights out on you by “dimming the sun”. It is a slippery slope. ⁃ TN Editor

An early experiment toward using sun-dimming technology to cool global warming has opponents fearing a slippery slope toward engineering the climate.

Harvard University scientists plan to fly a test balloon above Sweden next year to help advance research into dimming sunlight to cool the Earth, alarming environmentalists opposed to solar geoengineering.

Open-air research into spraying tiny, sun-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, to offset global warming, has been stalled for years by controversies – including that it could discourage needed cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

In a small step, the Swedish Space Corporation agreed this week to help Harvard researchers launch a balloon near the Arctic town of Kiruna next June. It would carry a gondola with 600 kg of scientific equipment 20 km (12 miles) high.

“There are very many real concerns” about the risks of climate change and solar geoengineering, said David Keith, who is involved in the project and is a professor of applied physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

“Understanding them requires a range of activities including experiments,” said Keith, who is also a professor of public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.

The unmanned flight had originally been planned for the United States but was moved, partly because of U.S. restrictions caused by coronavirus.



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