CARNAGE in Rome as anti-lockdown riots breakout – police attacked with fireworks

- EXPRESS - Oct 25, 2020 -


Anti-lockdown protesters attacked police with flares and fireworks (Image: IN DIRETTA )

VIOLENCE broke out in Rome on Saturday night as anti-lockdown protesters clashed with police.

Footage posted on social media shows demonstrators throwing fireworks and other missiles at officers who respond with tear gas.

Some also smash shop windows in the city whilst a number of scooters were set on fire.

Police respond by rushing at in riot gear demonstrators whilst releasing tear gas.

Italy has seen a wave of protest, some violent, following the introduction of stricter coronavirus shutdown measures.

This follows a dramatic increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Italy and across Europe.

On Saturday Italy recorded 19,644 new cases, a record for the country.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has largely left the introduction of new lockdown measures to regional governors.

In Rome authorities have imposed a midnight curfew, ordered pizza parlour’s to close at 9pm and banned drinking whilst standing.


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