Brexit, Frexit, Grexit, Italexit - the whole EU house of cards is about to collapse

EXPRESS - Aug 6, 2020 -

Frexit champion: Charles-Henri Gallois has launched France's version of the Brexit Party (Image: Getty)

IF you're quick you can still get 3/1 on Italy being the next nation to quit the EU. And with unemployment at 10 percent, rows over migration, crushing levels of debt, massive north/south economic disparity and a government with a deeply tenuous grip on power the Italians do look a safe bet.

In polite liberal circles of course Mr Gallois (could he be more French with that name) is being mocked as a no-hoper fringe populist.

On this side of the Channel we have a touch more respect for no-hoper fringe populists these days.

Funny piece of political nomenclature that sneering word 'populist' isn't it? As if being popular with the rank and file public is something far too grubby for the great and the good to sully themselves with.

It's actually the root cause of the EU's massive popularity problems – the simple inability to see life from the point of view of the voting rank and file.

It's too early to tell what kind of a man Charles-Henri is.

On the face of it he is just the latest among a growing clamour of political activists who've simply had enough.

Had enough of being dictated to by the above-mentioned arrogant, undemocratic burghers of Brussels.

Had enough of being told how they can and can't spend their money.

Had enough of a supranational state being built on the quiet, as very well-paid politicians with their own agendas milk the system use bait and switch tactics to keep us looking the other way.


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