Boris 'takes back control' of London after becoming 'fed-up' with Sadiq Khan's failures

- EXPRESS - Set 14, 2020 -

Oli Smith -

Sadiq Khan's failures as London Mayor has forced Boris Johnson to step in to take control (Image: GETTY)

SADIQ KHAN has been savaged after Boris Johnson and his Government was forced to step in and "take back control of the capital" after repeated failures from the Mayor of London.

Sadiq Khan's failures as London Mayor have forced Boris Johnson and his Cabinet to step in to take control of the crisis-hit capital, according to Grant Shapps. The Transport Secretary, following lobbying from Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey, has stepped in to fix the collapsing Hammersmith Bridge. The iconic bridge has been shut down for the past 18 months, and a "fed-up" Boris Johnson has now taken back control.

Mr Shapps, who visited the bridge earlier this week, said: "It's been months and I was very much hoping that the Fulham and Hammersmith Council and the Mayor would get this sorted out, but I'm afraid that hasn't happened.

"So we are here today to take back control. I've set up a taskforce and I've had Network Rail here, who will provide us with detail on what needs to happen to get this bridge fixed, to get it opened."

The news prompted several leading political figures to ridicule the failure of Sadiq Khan as London leader.

Susan Hall, leader of the Conservatives on the Greater London Assembly, tweeted: "Our #MissingMayor is not helping #London at all. This bridge is vital."


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