Zombie Sheep Masking Kids

- AMERICAN GREATNESS - Ned Ryun - SEP 21, 2021 -

In this age of COVID fear porn, there’s only one vaccine I really believe in: a vaccine for stupidity with booster shots for life.

If you believe the rhetoric spewing from the mouths of those on the Left, apparently parents don’t know how to take care of their own children. They can give them life, food, and a home, but once they leave the home for school, parents should shut up and sit down and let “the professionals” make decisions for their children on everything from learning to their health. Basically your right to make decisions regarding the education, health, safety, and well-being of your child has been tossed out the window, with the newest item being mask mandates for kids in school.

According to the zombie sheep wandering about bleating, “Science, science!” you should not only require your child to wear a mask for hours at a time but you should also get them vaccinated as soon as possible against a disease that likely isn’t going to kill them. I state the obvious here, but we are way past anything to do with science or data or facts.

These zombie sheep have no intellectual curiosity (apparently no ability for independent thought) and seem capable only of spouting claims that their stance is backed by “science” when no actual science has been taken into account. If they really wanted to look at cold, hard, scientific data there is more than enough of it to dismantle their demand that all children be masked and jabbed as soon as possible.

There has only been one study in this country conducted on the impact of mask mandates on children and it was inconclusive. But we now have a years’ worth of data from American schools showing that where masks are optional rather than mandatory, the mask-optional schools have a lower COVID rate than the ones that require masks.

And if we look beyond our borders at the data collected from other countries, the European CDC has recommended that no one under the age of 12 wear a mask. Why? Because basically masks are pointless for children. In England there are no mask mandates in schools. Why? They’re actually looking at the real science as opposed to the numbers the media and politicians spoon feed them.

Back in August, the University of Waterloo in Canada examined the efficacy of masks as a whole, finding that those flimsy, blue disposable masks everyone is made to wear if they don’t bring their own into a public place or transportation are about 10 percent effective. The N95 masks are about 50 percent effective.

You know what is as effective, if not more effective, than masks? Moderate ventilation.



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