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Dear Parents & Grandparents,

We don’t need to look any further than the recent events in Cuba to understand that Socialism and Communism don't work. But that’s not stopping the radical left from pushing Socialism on America. In fact, our kids are even hearing Socialism is “moral”! We need to educate our children on the dangers of Socialism RIGHT NOW! That’s why I asked my team to put together The Kids Guide to Fighting Socialism. And because it’s so important, we’re making it free for your family with this special Gift Bundle offer!


This free Kids Guide will help your kids understand the differrences between a Socialist and Capitalist economy, why Socialism doesn’t work, and how kids can be a force against Socialism now and in the future. Along with The Kids Guide to Fighting Socialism, your free Gift Bundle also includes a special streaming video lesson and digital workbook called “God Bless America” from my education company, Learn Our History.

What’s more, when you order this special gift bundle, your children will also receive a free issue of my award-winning EverBright Kids magazine!

The gift bundle is yours for free. You just need to pay $1 s&p each for the Kids Guide and the magazine with this special offer. To learn more and to order your free Patriotic Gift Bundle, just tap the button below to get started.


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