Xi Jinping to undergo surgery due to worsening intracranial aneurysm

FOLLOWCN.COM - Dec 28, 2021 -

The supreme leader of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping will undergo surgery due to a worsening intracranial aneurysm, reported by Mr. Lude during his evening YouTube live show on Dec 27.

The health condition of the Chinese Communist leader is a top-secret due to the totalitarian nature of the regime. The fact that such information could be “leaked” is an indication of the instability of Xi’s dictatorship.

Xi’s health crisis was revealed in an unusual way according to Mr. Lude. A Twitter account @martpunished tweeted: JUST IN: President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping to undergo surgery due to intracranial aneurysm.

Mr. Lude said this person is a friend of a famous surgeon in Hong Kong who has been involved in Xi’s on-going medical treatment. The original tweet is “protected”.

Mr. Miles Guo, a Chinese dissident living in the US, has verified this information with a person close to Xi Jinping.

Xi has already received multiple interventional treatments, but the condition is worsening and he could become unconscious at any moment, according to additional information provided by Mr. Lude on Monday morning.

Xi has established his own “National Special Crisis Office” for the transition of power in case he cannot rule the country due to his health condition. This newly created office is replacing the “Standing Committee” of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, abandoning the “group-leadership” of the CCP designed to avoid Mao Zedong’s mistakes of one-person-to-bring-down-a-country. Xi’s younger brother Xi Yuanping and Xi’s loyalists like Xu Qiliang and Ding Xuexiang are in the special office to ensure the continuity of Xi’s “dynasty”. It is worth noting that none of the current members of the “Standing Committee” is in the special office. Wang Qishan, who is under house arrest, is not in the special office either.



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