Worms are ruled safe to eat by the EU - paving the way for bugs of all shapes and sizes

- MAIL ONLINE - 14 Jan, 2021 -


The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) approved the use mealworms in food and paves the way for the yellow grubs to be used whole and dried in a range of dishes
  • European Food Safety Agency approved use of mealworms in European plates

  • Yellow grub, which are beetle larvae, are said to be rich in protein, fat and fibre

  • Parts of Africa, Australia and New Zealand are already enjoy tucking into insect bars, cricket burgers and other grub-based foods with Europe set to follow

Mealworms may soon find their way into Europe's pasta bowls and dinner dishes, after becoming the first insect approved in the region as a human food.

Wednesday's decision by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) paves the way for the yellow grubs to be used whole and dried in curries and other recipes and as a flour to make biscuits, pasta and bread.

Despite their name, mealworms are beetle larvae rather than worms and are already used in Europe as a pet food ingredient.

Rich in protein, fat and fibre, they are likely to be the first of many insects to feature on European's plates in the coming years, EFSA chemist and food scientist Ermolaos Ververis told Reuters.



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