World Economic Forum founder says Joe Biden 'will boost multilateralism'

- EURO NEWS - Nov 17, 2020 -

Isabelle Kumar -

In this episode of Global Conversation, I was delighted to speak to Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but Covid 19 could be the moment when the world has a second chance to get things right. Global injustice has been brutally exposed by the pandemic: the deepening wealth gap, the inequity of health care, job insecurity, the worsening climate crisis as well as unmasking leaders working for themselves rather than their citizens, but it has also shown in an unprecedented way that the world can act together and fast for the greater good, all of which I discussed with Professor Klaus Schwab, who believes a global reset is possible - and he's published a book about just that too.

Looking to the future beyond Covid

I started by asking Professor Schwab when he looks at the state of the world right now, what is the first word that springs to his mind.

"The word "reset" I think is appropriate because we are now still fighting the virus, but we can be rather optimistic after what we have seen with the announcement of vaccines. Now we have to think how to structure, how to design, the post corona era. And here, of course, the word reset comes to my mind because one thing is clear, we cannot come back to the old normal. We have to use this opportunity, as our parents and grandparents have done after World War Two to really reflect on what went wrong and what could we do better," he said.


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