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Who’s Bankrolling Black Lives Matter?


And who ultimately benefits from the tens of millions of dollars in extorted “giving”?

The Claremont Institute has compiled a database to track how much money has made its way into the pockets of the Black Lives Matter organization. Let’s just say business is good for the racial grievance industry.

The Patriot Post has written before on the obvious corruption, nepotism, and intentional misappropriation of funds associated with BLM, but the rot is much worse that originally realized.

First off, the Claremont Institute points out, as we have, that BLM was founded by “trained Marxists.” What is a little more disturbing is that these Marxists like Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi were influenced if not trained by Weather Underground members Eric Mann and Susan Rosenberg and militant communist Angela Davis. In the 1960s, the Weather Underground was a domestic terrorist organization that bombed, attacked, and robbed banks. It was a group of Leninist communists committed to taking down the institutions of America. Red flag number one.

BLM is set up like a hydra with many heads. BLM has two parent organizations, Global Network and Movement for Black Lives, with many smaller chapters in various cities across the country. Moreover, there are 150 or so identifiable organizations that are ideologically aligned with BLM and can be considered as part of the BLM umbrella. BLM is supported by other familiar organizations like the NAACP and the ACLU. This Marxist movement is well-connected and well-funded, which should give us all pause. Red flag number two.

Black Lives Matter has taken up the Marxist mantle and is incorporating a Jesse Jackson-style extortion scheme through which BLM threatens to call people racist and damage their reputations or businesses in order to get the funding it desires. The Claremont Institute has been able to track at least $82.9 billion in “donations” or “pledges” by individuals and companies to BLM.

So, an ungodly amount of money is in the hands of this Marxist militant group that has gleefully shown up at every racially charged tragedy since its founding in 2013, seeking to cause chaos and spread hate. These billions of dollars represent only what the Claremont Institute was able to track. Claremont noted that money has been difficult to follow because of underreporting by companies, and also because there are several unknown organizations that might also be cover companies for BLM’s grift.

Recall that in the summer of 2020, the BLM riots cost $2 billion in damages and resulted in the deaths of 25 people. Is any of that money going to the black-owned businesses or communities that the BLM riots destroyed?

And who exactly is providing this income stream? To name a few: BlackRock — the corrupt investment firm — has pledged $810 million. Silicon Valley Bank — yes, the one that just crashed and the government had to bail out — gave more than $73 million. JPMorgan Chase gave $30 billion. Microsoft gave $244 million ($250,000 of which went to a bail fund for BLM rioters).

Many of these companies are headed by leftist corporate heads (in other words, no one is shocked that BlackRock is financially backing BLM). Still other companies in the database gave money as a form of penance or as a virtue signal so that they satisfied their “reparations” quota or their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) bully standard.

The reasoning these companies have behind bending to the grift (as if giving money will ultimately protect them, which it won’t) isn’t as scary as the political and cultural ramifications of the riots, bullying, lying, and indoctrination that BLM is bringing about. Radical leftist politicians have seen that by using these Marxist organizations, they can circumvent justice, Congress, and the will of the American people to bring about their own purposes. In the wake of the BLM riots, we saw a drastic rise in ESG initiatives, successful bullying and canceling of CEOs who wouldn’t comply, and other egregious acts of injustice in the name of woke political correctness.

Combine the BLM rioting weapon with the mainstream media’s propaganda and Big Tech’s suppression of speech and dissemination of political misinformation and it seems one political party has a pretty stacked deck.


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