Welcome to the National C0V1D-I9 School Response Dashboard

- STATS IQ - AUG 2021 -


This National COVID-19 School Response Dashboard began in August 2020, motivated by the need for better data on COVID-19 in U.S. schools. In particular, the goals of this effort are to:

  1. Collect data on COVID-19 case rates among staff and students,

  2. Explore how COVID-19 case rates correlate with the number of staff and students attending school in person, and

  3. Explore how COVID-19 data correlate with the mitigation strategies utilized by schools.

One very important point: Our data include cases among people associated with in-person schooling, regardless of where cases were acquired. That is, we do not differentiate between cases acquired at school and those acquired elsewhere. While this differentiation would lend valuable insight into understanding these data more fully, it is beyond the scope of what we can collect here. You may view our data collection methods here.



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