"We Expect to Get Relief in the Supreme Court": Sidney Powell Gives Huge Update Over Legal Fight

- TRENDING POLITICS - Dec 8, 2020 -

CollinRugg -

During an interview on Monday night with Newsmax TV, attorney Sidney Powell gave a big update on her legal fight regarding alleged election fraud in the 2020 election.

The interview with Powell came after US District Court Judge Timothy Batten decided to throw out her Georgia voter fraud case.

Powell notified Newmax's Greg Kelly that she would be immediately filing an emergency appeal and expects to have the Supreme Court take up the case.

“The court wouldn’t pay attention of it,” Powell said of the judge's ruling in Georgia. “It’s obvious the judge had made up his mind before he hit the bench, and he read from prepared notes when he granted the motion to dismiss…

“We’re going to proceed immediately with an emergency appeal, and we expect to get relief in the Supreme Court,” Powell told Kelly.



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