UK academy of sciences opposes blocking medical "misinformation" on social media

- HOT AIR - JAZZ SHAW - JAN 19, 2022 -

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As most of you are likely aware, there has been a concerted effort on the part of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to squelch social media content that questions the current narrative regarding virtually everything to do with the pandemic and the government’s response to it. Despite the fact that the government narrative continues to shift on a regular basis as new information is revealed, any voices who bring up the results of studies that suggest anything contrary to what the government wants you to believe this week are quickly silenced in too many cases. But this week, a bit of sanity appears to have shown up in Great Britain, coming from The Royal Society, the United Kingdom’s academy of sciences. They released a report saying that the censorship of such information is contrary to the fundamental goals of actual science. (Daily Caller)

One of the world’s leading scientific organizations issued a report Wednesday arguing that social media sites should avoid censoring scientific “misinformation.”

The Royal Society, the U.K.’s academy of sciences, published a study of online scientific and health misinformation Wednesday, investigating its root causes and brainstorming possible solutions. The scientists concluded that censoring content deemed to be misinformation is often harmful and antithetical to the principles of scientific inquiry.

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“In the early days of the pandemic, science was too often painted as absolute and somehow not to be trusted when it corrects itself, but that prodding and testing of received wisdom is integral to the advancement of science, and society,” Frank Kelly, a professor of the mathematics of systems at the Statistical Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, said in a statement on the report.

The argument being made by The Royal Society would, in a more sane world, seem obvious to most people. The underlying foundation of science (as opposed to “The Science” which has become a religion in American media today) involves a collection of data and theories based upon that data which are later challenged and addressed by the collection of further data. That is far from what we have been experiencing in American media (and in many other countries) during this pandemic.


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