Two Republicans forced Joe Biden to reveal classified information that will prove Trump right


Donald Trump claimed this was one of the biggest scandals in history.

The corporate-controlled media smeared Trump as a liar.

But two Republicans forced Joe Biden to reveal classified information that will prove Trump right.

Last spring Donald Trump said he had seen intelligence that led him to believe the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

At the time, health officials and the media were still parroting Communist Chinese propaganda that the virus originally transmitted from bats to humans at a wet market.

So-called “journalists” accused Trump of spreading conspiracy theories.

Now the American people will know the truth.

The Senate unanimously passed legislation by Republicans Josh Hawley of Missouri and Mike Braun in Indiana that forced Joe Biden to declassify all information the government has about the connection between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the coronavirus.

“The American people deserve to know about the origins of COVID-19. They deserve to know how this terrible pandemic that has ravaged the globe and our country, how it got started and what China’s role was in starting it,” Hawley declared.

“Well, I think it’s time that the American people got to decide for themselves. It’s time that they actually got to see the evidence that the United States government has collected on this issue,” Hawley added

Senator Braun explained that transparency and the truth were in the interests of the American people.

“The intelligence communities, in our own country, are storing information that needs to be revealed to the American public. It needs to be revealed to anyone who can look at it and make sense out of what has happened,” Braun stated.

“Who disagrees with transparency?” Braun added. “It makes sense.”

Now, thanks to this legislation, the American people will get to see the evidence the government has that could prove the lab leak theory true.

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