Trump Train Coming Through! Biden Loses Michigan Before Election Takes Place


Joe Biden now has the new name of “puppet” as he heads into the final leg of the race against President Trump. His mind has withered away to practically nothing as he is fed what he must say and do when in public. The American people that love Biden so much need to ask themselves if they support the power-hungry slugs pulling his strings.

If they vote for Biden, then they are voting for the ones that are calling the shots. They will be voting for socialism and not even realize it. The only candidate that stands for freedom is President Donald Trump.

The ex-vice president certainly does not have the ability to serve as president any longer. The insane reason why the Democrats keep pushing him as their candidate boggles the mind. But he was the best that they had. Even Michael Bloomberg was not able to compete with crazy Biden. Of course, Biden didn’t say that all the elderly should die as Bloomberg did.

But to be the first American puppet presidential candidate has to worry many voters. People like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pull his strings. They are more dangerous to America than Black Lives Matter and Antifa combined. CONTINUAR LENDO:

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