Trump Dramatically Closes Gap in AZ, Half-Percent Away from Biden with Count Ongoing

- THE WESTERN JOURNAL - Nov 9, 2020 -

Randy DeSoto -

President Donald Trump gives a thumbs up after speaking to a crowd of supporters at the White House in Washington on Oct. 10. (Alex Brandon / AP)

While most establishment media outlets have declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential race, a sleeper story is emerging in Arizona as President Donald Trump pulled to half a percent away from his Democrat rival.

The Associated Press on Saturday declared Biden the winner of the election with an Electoral College tally of 290 compared with 214 for Trump.

Included in that tally is Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes, along with results from other contested races in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

The Trump campaign has insisted that the Grand Canyon State would ultimately go for the president when all the votes are counted.

Last week, Biden held a nearly 93,000-vote lead over Trump, but as of Monday morning, the former vice president’s advantage shrank to just 16,985 votes, or 49.5 percent to Trump’s 49 percent.


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