Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group Operates with Nimitz Carrier Strike Group

- GLOBAL SECURITY - Feb 9, 2021 -

From USS Theodore Roosevelt Public Affairs

The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group conducted dual carrier operations with the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea Feb. 9.

The ships and aircraft of the two strike groups coordinated operations in a highly trafficked area to demonstrate the U.S. Navy's ability to operate in challenging environments.

As a part of dual-carrier operations, the strike groups conducted a multitude of exercises aimed at increasing interoperability between assets as well as command and control capabilities.

"Training with Carrier Strike Group Eleven in the South China Sea is a tremendously valuable opportunity," said Rear Adm. Doug Verissimo, commander, Carrier Strike Group (CSG) Nine. "Through operations like this, we ensure that we are tactically proficient to meet the challenge of maintaining peace and we are able to continue to show our partners and allies in the region that we are committed to promoting a Free and Open Indo-Pacific."

Carrier Strike Group Nine and Carrier Strike Group Eleven last conducted dual-carrier operations on June 21, 2020, in the Philippine Sea.

The last time the U.S. conducted dual-carrier operations in the South China Sea was in July 2020, when the Ronald Reagan and Nimitz carrier strike groups twice operated together in the South China Sea.

"Working cooperatively alongside Carrier Strike Group Nine improves our collective tactical skill while ensuring regional stability and security," said Rear Adm. Jim Kirk, commander, Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 11. "We are committed to ensuring the lawful use of the sea that all nations enjoy under international law."

This exercise falls into a long history of the U.S. Navy operating in the Indo-Pacific. Dual carrier operations, like this one, are not new and are intended to maintain U.S. readiness and combat-credible forces to reassure allies and partners and preserve peace in the region.


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