The Trump Team's Real Strategy

- THE AMERICAN THINKER - Nov 21, 2020 -

Sally Zelikovsky -

To endure the Democrat-Media Complex’s blackout of any discussion of credible allegations of voter fraud or election rigging is tough enough. But watching the conservative media grapple with the Trump team’s claims of election fraud as presented by Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Rudi Giuliani is downright dizzying. In stark contrast to the analysis provided daily by Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, is the stultifying commentary by Tucker Carlson and, let’s say, a has-been who never was like Erick Erickson. I’m no Pollyanna and I do not have any insider information about the current state of the election, but I would like to tamp down a bit on the hysteria with my own perspective.

On November 19th, Tucker Carlson went into a Diva-style tirade about Sidney Powell’s failure to produce any evidence substantiating her claims that the election was corrupted by the Dominion voting system and whined about her refusal to go on his show and PRODUCE! THE! EVIDENCE! Trust me when I say conservatives were flipping out when Carlson went down this road. Expect his ratings to dip.

Then, Erick Erickson wrote "Nope" in which he lists Trump’s legal team failures in battleground courts -- affiants walking back claims, Trump’s counsel admitting to a lack of substantiating evidence for fraud claims and walking back fraud allegations before the court, asking for recounts but not in counties that used Dominion, and failing to provide evidence in sufficient numbers to make a difference.

Further proof of Erickson’s conclusion that we aren’t dealing in the realm of fact but uncredible conspiracy theory, is Sidney Powell’s failure to provide evidence of her fanciful claims regarding Dominion, Hugo Chavez, Smartmatic, Clinton, and Soros.




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