- MIKE HUCKABEE - Oct 23, 2020 -

Mike Huckabee -

Last night, the final Presidential debate took place in Nashville. Here it is in full...

And here’s the entertaining and informative PJ Media live blog commentary on the debate…

There’s no question that Trump won it. Sure, you expect me to say that, but here’s how you know for sure. The leftwing website The Daily Beast ran this damage-controlling headline:

“Trump Won the Debate Night. It’s Not Nearly Enough.” I won’t bother annoying you with their CYA excuses for why it doesn’t matter that Trump won the debate. The very fact that a site that exists largely to lie about how Trump screws up everything didn’t feel it was possible even for them to convincingly claim that Biden won should tell you all you need to know about how badly Joe crashed and burned.

Here are my takeaways:

1. I was right that Trump would’ve done better in the first debate if he’d stopped interrupting and just let Joe talk. He did that last night, not entirely by choice, and Joe rambled on incoherently, made unforced errors and outrageously false claims, and melted down on camera toward the end like the witch in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Perhaps the biggest news came near the end when a clearly exhausted Biden was goaded by Trump into admitting he intends to “transition” away from the entire oil industry “because the oil industry pollutes, significantly.” Trump asked if viewers in Texas, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma just heard Biden say he was going to destroy the oil industry.

2. Trump came across as strong, decisive, energized and most importantly, optimistic. He talked about his past accomplishments but also about how bright the future can be. To him, COVID-19 is a problem, but problems are things to deal with and solve, not to hide away from forever and destroy your country over. And we have several promising vaccines nearing approval. In one of his most memorable lines, he warned, “We have to open our country. We’re not going to have a country.”

On the other hand, Biden was relentlessly negative. Everything Americans do now is wrong and must be corrected by a big government program. COVID-19 is a killing machine with no end in sight, he’ll impose lockdowns for however long it takes no matter the consequences, and “We’re about to go into a dark winter, a dark winter, and he has no clear plan. And there’s no prospect that there’s going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year.” He has nothing to offer but fear itself. I predict that that “dark winter” quote will launch a thousand “Game of Thrones” memes featuring Joe Photoshopped into medieval armor.


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