The rabid left gets its revenge: Colombia's Marxism-slaying hero, Alvaro Uribe, gets taken down

AMERICAN THINKER - Aug 5, 2020 -

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In Latin America, no good deed goes unpunished.

So here's news from Colombia in a New York Times report in what's a warning about what to expect from the rabid left in President Trump's post-presidency:

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Colombia's Supreme Court ordered on Tuesday the detention of a former president and longtime giant of Colombian politics, Álvaro Uribe, amid an investigation into whether he committed acts of fraud, bribery and witness tampering.

The decision is a landmark in a nation accustomed to back door deals between politicians who were rarely called to answer for their actions in court.

While some other nations in Latin America have tackled corruption aggressively in recent years, sometimes prosecuting presidents, Colombia has infrequently indicted major political players.

Widely viewed as the most powerful Colombian politician of the last two decades, Mr. Uribe had been the subject of investigation for years, but this is the closest he has come to facing a panel of judges. His ability to avoid prosecution had led many Colombians to call him the "Teflon president."

The court order has the potential to upend the political landscape in Colombia. And it makes him the first president in modern Colombian history to face detention.

This is beyond disgusting. President Uribe, who was America's top ally in Latin America during his presidency from 2002 to 2020, was the Lincoln of his country, freeing it from its horrific chains of FARC gangster Marxist narco-terrorism, bankrolled by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez. The result was almost night and day — he brought Colombians the foremost of all human rights, the right to personal security, the thrill of being able to walk outside and not fear a kidnap or a car bomb. He was also the Reagan of his country, freeing its economy from decades of socialist sludge regulations and state takeovers that rendered it a typical Latin American basket case and a net exporter of illegal aliens, turning Colombia into Latin America's brightest star. The flow of illegals reversed on his watch; that's a prime instance of voting with one's feet. And yes, he was a proto-Trump, too, populist in nature, going out to Colombia's back boonies to places the government had never had control over until he brought Colombia its victories and holding weekly televised town halls there with the astonished locals, as well as fighting like hell against the biased, mendacious press and the far-left squadsters of the country — sounding exactly like Trump. He once looked at Hugo Chávez, the nightmare to his country's east, and at a Mexican conference told him, "Ay, sea varón," or "Oh, be a man!"


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