The "broken windows" strategy against Israel demonisation


Bad guys get away with murder when everyone else chooses to look the other way

The “broken windows” theory of policing, which was responsible for a stunning drop in crime in New York in the 1990s, was based on a simple proposition. This was that bad people are encouraged to commit serious crimes if lesser social nuisances such as litter, vandalism or fare evasion are ignored.

This transmits the fatal signal that those in authority are giving a free pass to disorder. To stop serious offences, there must be a consistent message that there will be zero tolerance for breaking any of the rules that keep a society civilised.

The “broken windows” theory might well also be applied to politics. The classicist and commentator Victor Davis Hansen has published a bone-chilling analysis of America that suggests it is inexorably going down to destruction.

American politics, he writes, resembles the violent last days of the Roman Republic. The traditional bedrocks of the American system — a stable economy, energy independence, vast surpluses of food, hallowed universities, a professional judiciary, law enforcement and a credible criminal-justice system — are dissolving.

All this is true. But as he also notes, “all these catastrophes are self-induced. They are choices, not fate”.

This indeed is key. A culture self-destructs if its people choose not to defend it. Bad people get away with really bad stuff when everyone else chooses to look the other way.

The same dismal and demoralised cultural trajectory is taking place in Britain, although not as explosively as in America.

Successive British governments have chosen not to take the action necessary to control the country’s borders or prevent the Balkanisation of British society through Islamist intimidation. They have chosen not to show zero tolerance of the various lunacies and bullying of identity politics, thus giving a green light to ever-more socially and culturally destructive behaviour.

In foreign policy, we are witnessing the terrifying results of the failure to apply zero tolerance to breaches of the rules of civilisation. The w est’s eagerness to profit from Russia’s mafia state and its even more suicidal appeasement of Iran have resulted in Russia’s terrible onslaught on Ukraine, and the genocidal Iranian regime arriving at the point of nuclear-weapons breakout.

The failure to learn the lesson of the “broken windows” theory is particularly apparent over the tsunami of antisemitism engulfing Israel and the Jewish diaspora.

This has come about because the west has chosen not to display zero tolerance of Palestinian lies intended to demonise Israel, write the Jewish people out of their own history and steal their country.


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