The Bidens and the Crooked Ukrainian Prosecutors

AMERICAN THINKER - Oct 19, 2020 -

David Kahn -

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During the time Joe Biden was US point man on Ukraine, there were three Ukrainian Prosecutors General.  The first, Vitaly Yerema and the third, Yuriy Lutsenko, actively helped Burisma, the Ukrainian oil and gas company,  escape responsibility for the theft of Ukraine’s oil and gas assets.  Biden did not speak out against them and made no effort to force either of them from office.  Coincidentally, his son Hunter and Hunter’s business partner, Devon Archer, were on the payroll of Burisma. 

Only one, Viktor Shokin, pursued Burisma and its owner Mykola Zlochevsky.  Shokin put seizures on their assets and issued a warrant for Zlochevsky’s arrest should he return to Ukraine.  Yet Shokin, not Yerema and not Lutsenko, was the one Prosecutor General that Biden called out and forced from office.  In fact, I am aware of no other instance in which the United States demanded the firing of a prosecutor in a country to which we supplied foreign aid, no matter how corrupt.  If not unprecedented, what Biden did in Ukraine was at least extraordinary.

At the outset of our Ukraine intervention, it was US policy for Ukraine to recover oil and gas assets believed to have been stolen from the Ukrainian people by Zlochevsky when he was the Ukrainian Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources between 2010 and 2012. 

As a result, Zlochevsky hired a politically connected DC firm, Star Strategies, to lobby the US State Department to change this policy.  Shortly after Biden became US point man, in February 2014, Zlochevsky hired Hunter Biden and his partner Devon Archer as Burisma Board members at up to $160,000 per month, ostensibly to advise on corporate governance. Neither was required to go to Ukraine to attend board meetings.  Neither were experts in corporate governance.  And Burisma, a privately-owned company, had little need for corporate governance advice.  Had it had such a need and had Hunter and Archer actually been corporate governance experts, this was a truly astonishing price to pay for such services. 

Bear in mind, it is possible to provide a financial inducement to a public official to alter his conduct in one’s favor through money provided to his offspring.  And it has been done in many places many times.  Sometimes the official shares in the bounty directly, something suggested by the emails recently found on Hunter Biden’s laptopAll this strongly suggests a cover up. 

The reality was that Hunter and Archer were obviously close to Hunter’s father Joe Biden and they were also close to Secretary of State John Kerry, a close ally of the Bidens.  They immediately began lobbying the State Department higher-ups including meetings with Kerry.  There are documents that support this.  And Zlochevsky made a large contribution to a Delaware charity in the name of Biden’s deceased son, Beau.  Archer also held a $10,000 a plate fundraiser for Kerry’s daughter. 


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