The Biden Family Comes Under Scrutiny for Questionable Dealings in China…They Are 100% Guilty

- PARIOTS OF AMERICA - Nov, 2020 -

Joe Biden will always be Joe Biden. No matter his position or title, once crooked, always crooked. For decades his entire family has amassed great wealth by charging foreign entities for their influence in Washington D.C., and there is nothing conspiratoriial about it. The facts are solid.

For eight long years, Biden held the second-highest position in America. That’s a great spot to be in if increasing your financial status is your primary goal. It works pretty well for family members as well.

Joe Biden’s brother James (Jim), and the notorious Hunter Biden, the fruit Joe’s loins, have had less than transparent dealings with dictators, energy tycoons, shady sovereign wealth funds, mysterious Third World oligarchs, foreign governments and international companies based overseas.


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