The 24-Hour Society

- TIME PARTY - Nov 27, 2020 -

Martin Murray -

Many a tear will be shed over unfair Tier system. And it's all so avoidable.

Will the stricter Tiered system in England work actually? In short NO.

We need a long-term plan for businesses to operate under one that does not create crowds and long queues.

If fewer businesses can open with shortened and restrictive operating hours, it only means more people in one place at one time. The only way to disperse people is with more space over more time.

This virus is real and dangerous to vulnerable people. But life goes on and it really must.

We have Hands Face Space but where’s the SPACE?

This is why we need a long-term plan and not this reactionary policy that restricts business and our lives. Tiers 2 & 3 only force people together by removing the choice of where and when you can shop. It literally corrals you into a herd of people queuing en-masse to enter the few remaining premises for fear that they may not be open tomorrow.


A more #24hSociety, for all aspect of society, both public and private sectors.

A 24-hour society does not mean you have to open for the full 24 hours, or even for longer hours, it just allows any business or work place to open where there’s demand or a need.

Even Marks and Spencer have announced its “longest-ever opening hours”. Even Marks & Spencer are planning to open most of its stores until midnight in the run-up to Christmas to allow shoppers, staff and I quote: “The TIME AND SPACE they need to social distance”.

Our cinemas are closed but these could very easily, profitably and safely re-open if only other services were available too. The family afternoon matinee followed by multiple showings on multiple screens at different start times of the latest blockbuster movies, with the last showing starting after midnight and even later where there is a large student population.

This not only disperses the crowds but it appeals to different sections of society, you now have a different demographic of people using the surrounding area at different times of the day.

Most importantly, we must allow the hospitality sector to fully re-open Illegal gatherings ‘The Rave’ ‘The House Party’ are now commonplace now! Why?

‘If you remove all legal choice only the illegal remains.’

Tier 3 and even tier 2 means most of our pubs and bars will remain closed. This is likely to change in two weeks for the festive season only for them to be returned into restrictive measures again after Christmas.


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