Survival of the Wealthiest: A Luxury Nuclear Bunker Story

- BEYOND THE BOMB - Apr 15, 2020 -

Brittanie Van Zant

The threat of nuclear war is ever-present, but not on the forefront of the average American’s thoughts. The ultra-wealthy elite, on the other hand, are well aware of this threat. They have created demand for a luxury survival industry to keep up with their contingency plans for potential global devastation, like that of nuclear war. The cornerstone of these plans? Luxury doomsday bunkers.

These bunkers are nothing like the cold, concrete, and metal bunkers of the past. Instead, they come with all the amenities of their above-ground domiciles, ranging from essential needs like water and sewage systems to luxuries like entertainment systems, simulated sunlight, and even gyms and spas. They even have the capability to sustain human life for a minimum of a year underground. Indoor greenhouses outfitted with growing lamps will offer the capability to grow fresh fruits and vegetables to sustain nutrition and supplement the food rations. One of the most common features of these luxury bunkers is an Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) air filtration system, which takes the contaminated air, and filters and pressurizes it for the bunkers’ occupants. These NBC systems can cost more than $10,000 USD and are already being used to filter out the COVID-19 virus.

The Oppidum will be the largest billionaire bunker compound in the world. According to The Mirror, this luxury compound will be located on a 323,000 square foot property in the mountains in an undisclosed location in the Czech Republic. When completed, this underground bi-level compound will boast 77,500 square feet, along with 13 feet ceilings, one large 6,750 square foot apartment, and six 1,720 square feet individual apartment homes. The average apartment size in the U.S.? 914 feet.

“Survival condos” in Kansas City, Kansas can cost anywhere from $500,000 USD to $2.5 million USD based on the floor plan. Built in a former missile silo which was constructed during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s during John F. Kennedy’s presidency, these “modern condo-bunkers” can be decorated to each owner’s taste. They contain 12 units, 90 feet underground, complete with decontaminating station, jail-cell, gun range, movie room, bar, water filtration system, a five year supply of canned and prepared food, library, classrooms, gym sauna, game room, laundry rooms, and even wi-fi internet capabilities and a pool equipped with water-slides. These bunkers are so luxurious that many of the owners will visit for week-long stays as an escape from the outside world and the rigors of daily life.


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