Supreme Court Decison Signals Secession

- INFOWARS - Dec 12, 2020 -

Jon Bowne -

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We need to accept who is really in charge of America. We need to know who they are. Because they aren’t occupying the three branches of Government we pay our taxes to maintain.

And they clearly aren’t representing the sanctity of free and fair elections after the Supreme Court sunk the final knife into the back of our Constitutional Republic.

Meanwhile, the election fraud is becoming increasingly creative. And the GOP could have done alot more to support our Election integrity. But they didn’t. This is the America we are free falling into.

The billionaires have increased their wealth by 30% in 2020 while Middle America has been decimated, a recipe for hyperinflation and an oncoming third world reality.

This as the incoming Administration will ignore the needed recovery time and money needed to restore 60% of America’s small businesses, while boasting of the passing of a $12 trillion reparations deal and the Green New Deal that will put middle America in its grave.

It’s no wonder that the calls for secession are gaining steam. The chairman of the Texas GOP, Allen West, released a statement on the court’s decision:


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