Stabbing of Boston Rabbi By Muslim Terrorist Is Not ‘Fit To Print’ in New York Times

- GELLER REPORT - JULY 7, 2021 - Pamela Geller -

Not news to the Nazi Times but leave a slice of bacon outside a mosque and they’re call for sharia law punishments. I should know, they didn’t report the Boston Islamic plot to behead – even though one of the jihadis attacked Boston PD and died in the fight. New York Times did not see fit to print even though they commented me for comment.

Rabbi Shlomo Noginski was stabbed repeatedly on July 1 outside a Jewish school building in Boston. A rally the next day organized by Boston Jewish community groups drew Boston’s acting mayor, the district attorney, and a member of Congress. An individual, Khaled Awad, was arrested in connection with the attack and pleaded not guilty to assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer. People who knew Awad in Florida described him as violent and “antisemitic.”

A national, even international news story? Plenty of news organization thought so. The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, has published three articles about the attack. Fox News covered it. The Washington Post website carries an Associated Press article about the attack and an article from the Religion News Service. CNN covered it.

But for the New York Times, the news wasn’t fit to print. A search of the Times website for “Noginski” turns up no results. “Noginsky,” an alternative spelling that turns up in some news articles, turns up no relevant results either. “Khaled Awad”? No relevant results on the Times search engine. I’m a careful daily reader of the print Times and saw nothing about the stabbing, the rally, or the arrest.

The New York Times New England bureau chief, Ellen Barry, didn’t immediately reply to an email from the Algemeiner asking her to explain why the Times had failed to cover the story. It can’t have been that the Times had no staff available to cover events in Massachusetts over the holiday weekend; the newspaper scrambled two reporters to cover a roadside standoff in the Bay State that, unlike the attack on Noginsky, featured no injuries. And the New York Times certainly has plenty of resources to muster on stories it decides it does care about— a recent 15-minute Times video headlined “How Israeli Airstrikes Killed 44 People,” carries the bylines of a staggering ten Times journalists and noted, “The Times spent more than a month investigating these attacks.”

British historian Paul Johnson has argued that antisemitism is a “disease of the mind,” a hatred so peculiar that it…

It’s at least the second time recently that the Times has skipped covering news of an attack on a Jewish target. In May, rock-throwing attacks against four synagogues in the Bronx attracted coverage from CNN, the Daily Mail, the Washington Post, the Arizona Republic, and the Wall Street Journal. Then, too, the Times apparently found the news not fit to print, and the metro editor failed to respond to an Algemeiner inquiry about why the Times thought the attacks weren’t newsworthy.


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