Sidney Powell says election software has been used for years to steal House, Senate, governor races

- NATURAL NEWS - Dec 8, 2020 -

JD Heyes -

Sidney Powell, who left the Trump campaign legal team to pursue other avenues of massive electoral fraud she uncovered shortly after the November elections, continues to reveal stunning information garnered from her continued investigative work proving beyond any doubt that Americans have lost control over the only real power we had left as individuals: The power of choice at the ballot box.

In previous weeks, Powell revealed that software used by voting machine companies in the U.S. and abroad was developed and financed by some of our enemies, including Venezuela, Iran and China.

But in an interview with TBN’s Mike Huckabee on Saturday, Powell suggested that the software was actually a CIA-developed election theft tool that may have been exported to other countries and then, ultimately, deployed against American elections.

“The system right now is corrupt. The Dominion machines cannot be relied on at all. And we want everyone — Republicans, the candidates, everyone — to stand up and speak up about the fraud that happened in Georgia and find a way to vote in time that allows people to know that their vote is being counted the way they voted it,” she began, clearing up a previously reported claim that she didn’t want Republican voters to show up to cast ballots for the state’s two GOP senators in run-off elections next month.

“Because right now, the system is just as rigged as it was four weeks ago,” she added. “We can’t trust it. And there has to be a way to get it right so that everyone who votes — and we encourage everyone to vote — knows their vote is real and being counted, and not…otherwise rigged.”

“You can’t repeat the same procedure and expect a different result.”


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