Shocking? CDC Reverses Guidance On Risk Of ‘Airborne’ COVID-19

- TECHNOCRACY NEWS - Sep 22, 2020 -


Don’t let the particulars of this article muddy up your mind. The point of posting it here is to show the data confusion at the top echelons of COVID hysteria. There are direct conflicts between data posted in different locations and constant political jockeying for “who’s right, who’s wrong”.

This constant shifting of ‘facts’ is massively confusing to political operatives who basically end up doing whatever they want without regard to real science, which is largely ignored by everyone. ⁃ TN Editor

After publishing guidance warning about the serious risks of “airborne” infection associated with SARS-CoV-2, the CDC just seriously harmed its own credibility by acknowledging Monday that it had posted the new guidance “in error”, following a pressure campaign from the WHO.

Scientists have been gathering evidence that the novel coronavirus plaguing the world spreads via aerosol particles practically since it first emerged, and back in July, a group of 200 scientists sent a letter to the WHO urging the international public health agency to change its guidance on the spread of the disease. The problem scientists argued is that the WHO hasn’t updated its views to incorporate new research showing that aerosol spread is a much greater threat than touching contaminated surfaces, or via large droplets spread by close contact between individuals.

Yet, the WHO has refused these overtures, and this week it successfully convinced the CDC to do the same.

After the WHO announced earlier that it had reached out to the CDC over the guidance change, the agency informed American media outlets that a “draft version” of the guidance had been “posted in error”.


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