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Senate advances measure to repeal authorizations for Iraq, Gulf wars


The Senate on Thursday advanced a bill to repeal the authorizations for use of military force (AUMFs) for the Iraq and Gulf wars, from 2002 and 1991, respectively.

The bill advanced in a 68-27 procedural vote, surpassing the 60 votes needed to proceed. The Hill's Brad Dress wrote that a final vote could happen as soon as next week "to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Iraq war."

Sens. Todd Young (R-Ind.) and Tim Kaine (D-Va.) sponsored the bill. Young said the repeal would "arrest the trend of giving away our war powers to an unchecked executive." Ahead of the vote, the White House said the bill aligns with the president's "longstanding commitment to replacing outdated authorizations for the use of military force." Kaine said the repeal would send "the message you may be our adversary today, just as Iraq once was, but the U.S. specializes in turning adversaries into partners, allies and friends." If the bill passes the Senate, it'll head to the House. Attempts to repeal the authorizations have failed in the past, but there's significant bipartisan support this time around, Brad noted.

  • Poland will give fighter jets to Ukraine, becoming the first NATO member to supply Ukraine with warplanes, The Associated Press reported.

  • First Republic Bank is getting bailed out by large banks in a $30 billion plan, regulators announced Thursday, a deal aimed at stabilizing its balance sheet in the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

  • The Cure's Robert Smith lamented on Twitter that "the artist has no way to limit" Ticketmaster fees as the company sells tickets for the band's upcoming tour.


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