Scumbag Google Employees Fired For Spying On, Stealing Users’ Data: Report

- American Military News - AUG 5, 2021 - GELLER REPORT -

Google reportedly fired dozens of staff members from 2018 to 2020 for using their access to the company’s tools to steal, leak or abuse users’ data, an internal document from Google obtained by Vice’s Motherboard first revealed on Wednesday.

According to Motherboard, the document shows investigations into how employees take advantage of their positions to abuse users’ data. In 2020, Google fired at least 36 employees for issues relating to data abuse, and 86 percent of all allegations involving security included exploitation of confidential information, like sending personal information to outside actors.

Ten percent of the allegations from last year involved system misuse, which typically includes violating Google’s policies to access user or employee data, assisting others to access data or changing and deleting data, the document said.

A Google spokesperson told Motherboard in a statement: “The instances referred to mostly relate to inappropriate access to, or misuse of, proprietary and sensitive corporate information or IP.”


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