Saying, 'Trust The Science' Showcases Democrat Ignorance

- AMERICAN THINKER - Nov 29, 2020 -

Marc Garrett -

When Americans object to lockdowns and mandatory masks, Leftists cry “trust the science.” This phrase reveals just how little they actually know about science. Einstein, who did know something about science, said “the most important thing is to never stop questioning;” he did not say “never stop trusting.” Americans need to recognize that the leftists’ mantra is not about science but about silence.

It is a fundamental tenet of science to doubt everything, including political statements. Science is an ever-changing field where competing ideas are hypothesized, tested, and then followed by vigorous challenges that frequently overturn earlier findings. Science has been wrong so often that anyone looking to it to provide “the” single unassailable answer is almost comical. What’s worse is that those who would prefix “science” with “accepted” dogmatically refuse to change.

For millennia, astronomy’s “accepted science” asserted that the Sun circled the Earth, even though believing so required a universe where planets periodically stopped and briefly reversed course before continuing on their heavenly journeys. It would take four of the greatest minds in history — Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton — working over centuries to change the “accepted science.” Along the way, the resistance was fierce — books were banned, burned, and its authors incarcerated.

Galileo, for instance, was convicted of heresy for his troubles and forced to spend the remainder of his life under house arrest. The “accepted science” finally came around 350 years later when, in 1992, Galileo was officially vindicated.

When Darwin published his seminal treatise, On the Origin of the Species, the “accepted science” community went into full assault. “All the most eminent paleontologists . . . maintain the immutability of the species.” Darwin’s theory is “the greatest cosmological myth of the 20th century.” “There are absolutely no facts . . . [of] the development of one species from another.” “Parts of it I laughed at until my sides were almost sore.” It took a Supreme Court ruling in1968 to finally allow evolution to be legally taught in all 50 states.

Aerospace pioneer Robert Goddard, for daring to envision a rocket moving through the vacuum of space, was ridiculed by the “accepted science” in the New York Times: Goddard failed basic science because the Times, while Goddard clearly did not, that rockets “need to have something more than a vacuum against which to react.” Not until fifty years later, the day after Apollo 11 lifted off to land a man on the moon, did the Times stubbornly issue a retraction.




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