Satellites picture methane across the globe

- BBC NEWS - Oct 22, 2020 -

Jonathan Amos -

Variations in the concentration of methane in the atmosphere from June to October

Want to understand what methane is doing in our atmosphere?

Take a look at the new interactive global map produced by Montreal firm GHGSat.

Its Pulse tool allows you to move around the world to see how concentrations of the powerful greenhouse gas vary in space and time.

From the highs above oil and gas fields in the southwestern United States, to the naturally elevated levels in permafrost regions during summer.

The map shows monthly averages which, GHGSat says it will update weekly.

Pulse combines the focussed data from the company's two small methane-detecting spacecraft with the wide-field observations from the EU and European Space Agency's Sentinel-5P Tropomi mission.

The Canadian pair are used to "tune up" the European detections so the map can display concentrations on a 2km by 2km grid scale.


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