Russia, China Fly Nuclear-Capable Bombers in Joint Military Drill During Biden Trip to Japan

- FOX NEWS - Jacqui Heinrich , Greg Norman - MAY 24, 2022 -

A Russian Tu-95 strategic bomber takes off during Russian-Chinese military aerial exercises to patrol the Asia-Pacific region, at an unidentified location, in this still image taken from a video released on Tuesday, May 24. (Russian Defense Ministry/Handout/Reuters)

Biden administration official says Russia and China flew nuclear-capable bombers

A joint military exercise in which Russia and China flew nuclear-capable bombers Tuesday during President Biden’s trip to eastern Asia demonstrates how both sides remain close "even as Russia brutalizes Ukraine," a senior administration official tells Fox News.

The drills, which the official described as the most significant cooperation between the two countries since Russia invaded Ukraine three months ago, come as Biden is in Tokyo for the Quad leaders summit with the leaders of Japan, India and Australia.

"The exercise shows that China is continuing its military cooperation with Russia in the Indo-Pacific even as Russia brutalizes Ukraine," the official said. "It also shows that Russia will stand with China in the East and South China Seas, not with other Indo-Pacific states."

The bombers used in the exercise "traversed the Sea of Japan and continued through the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea," according to the official.

"Joint strategic bomber exercises such as this one cannot be planned quickly and was likely planned well in advance by both countries," the official also said. "To further demonstrate just how seriously China considers its military partnership with Russia, Chinese naval vessels likely participated in this joint exercise."


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