Ron DeSantis hit one key Joe Biden ally with this rude awakening


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is becoming one of the biggest names in the Republican Party.

DeSantis showed he was a fighter when he refused to back down in the face of overwhelming media pressure from the COVID-scolds and reopened Florida while many states were still enforcing draconian lockdowns.

And Ron DeSantis hit one key Joe Biden ally with this rude awakening.

The Left’s dominance in the media is one of the Democrat Party’s biggest advantages in American politics.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis built a following in the GOP over his fights with the media over DeSantis refusing to lockdown Florida or implement a mask mandate.

At a recent event where DeSantis signed legislation banning Confucius Institutes from Florida colleges and universities citing how the Communist Chinese used them as recruiting grounds for spies, DeSantis blasted the media for being in the “pocket” of the Chinese government.

DeSantis railed on Communist China for covering up the possibility that the coronavirus leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“If you look at what’s gone on now with the coronavirus pandemic and the coverup of the origins of COVID-19, it’s pretty clear that this was a virus that almost assuredly leaked out of this lab in Wuhan. This is the lab where these scientists were working very closely with the Community Party of China as well as the Chinese military. When you had these folks fall ill who were working in that lab last fall, the Communist Party of China decided to cover it up.

They didn’t give any information out. They didn’t ask for any assistance. They didn’t give a heads-up to anybody. They tried to cover it. […] The world has had to endure over a year-and-a-half of a lot of bad stuff as a result of this,” DeSantis stated.

DeSantis added that he believed the media was complicit in this cover up citing Hollywood’s obedience to Communist Chinese censorship demands.

“You look at corporate media and entertainment industry in this country. They are in the pocket of the Communist Party of China. I mean, if Hollywood comes up with a movie the CCP doesn’t like, they get censored,” DeSantis declared.


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