Rich Elitist Future Oddball King Endorses New Global Economy Based on Global Taxes

AMERICA'S SURVIVAL - Cliff Kincaid - JAN 22, 2020

Dear Friend of America's Survival,

At Davos, in order to combat "climate change," the Future King Prince Charles called for a "revolutionary paradigm shift" in how the global economy works, urging "sustainability" as the standard and based on green taxes. This is global socialism. I have been warning about this for decades.

Prince Charles said, " move forward, we need nothing short of a paradigm shift, one that inspires action at revolutionary levels and pace. "

But there's more: Prince Charles' spiritual guru turned out to be a pedophile.

The best book on Charles is Joan Veon's Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince. If you want real coverage of the Royal Family, read this book. Joan passed away in 2010.

Joan Veon wrote:

"Now who were THE players behind the birthing of sustainable development? To my surprise, it was Prince Charles. Not happy with the Christian faith, Charles turned to "para-psychology" which some define as "dabbling in the occult." He was greatly influenced by the South African-born writer, explorer, and mystic Laurens van der Post who was a friend of his grandmother, the Queen Mother. The prince was also influenced by James Lovelock, a British scientist who formulated the "Gaia hypothesis, which today is known as the worship of the earth, a belief based on the Greek goddess Gaia, the Earth Mother."

Reviewing the book, Teller of Many Tales: The Lives of Laurens van der Post, by the British journalist J. D. F. Jones, the New York Times reported that Van der Post was "a Jungian mystic and a spiritual adviser to Prince Charles" and that, according to British newspapers, "he taught the prince to talk to his plants. ...And when it came to women, der Post was a bounder. In the early 1950's, when he was 46, he seduced the 14-year-old daughter of a wealthy South African winemaking family, who had been entrusted to his care during a sea voyage. She became pregnant, and although he sent her a small stipend, he never publicly acknowledged the daughter born of the relationship."

The global warming or climate change theory, which Prince Charles and others now embrace, was conceived by Soviet communists as a means by which to destroy the industrial base in the United States. This disinformation theme has been embraced by the liberals now claiming to be tough on Russia.

Joan Veon adds:

At every turn the Prince is still involved in the affairs of the United Nations, sustainable development, and public-private partnership. The Prince's representatives are to be found at all the key global meetings, expounding and advancing this life changing philosophy. Perhaps we should wonder why the world still follows him and carries out his dictates.

​For America's Survival,

Cliff Kincaid



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