Respected Vaticanist: Pope Francis’ successor will most likely be ‘more conservative’

LIFE SITE NEWS - Jul 31, 2020 -

Edward Pentin said Francis’ choice of cardinals from the peripheries may swing the pendulum ‘back towards a more conservative pope.’

ROME, Italy, July 31, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) ― A leading Vaticanist predicts that Pope Francis’ successor will be a “more conservative” pope.

Edward Pentin, British journalist and author of the new book The Next Pope: The Leading Cardinal Candidates, told EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo last night that a College of Cardinals filled with Francis’ own choices does not necessarily mean the continuation of his policies in the next papacy.

“I think the fact that (the new Cardinals) come from the peripheries adds an interesting element, a surprising element, perhaps,” Pentin told the “World Over” host.

“The Global South, where these new cardinals come from, tends to be more conservative.”

Pentin added that whether one of these cardinals, if elected pope, would have to follow Francis’ “more progressive line” is “unclear and perhaps not likely.”

“I think, as the Roman saying goes, a fat pope follows a thin one, and I think we may well get the pendulum swinging back towards a more conservative pope, as that’s what usually happens,” he said.

“That is likely to happen.”

Pentin’s 700-plus page book gives an in-depth look at the 19 men he believes are the current front-runners for the papacy among the 124 cardinals eligible to vote. The author told Arroyo that the cardinals were chosen for their reputation for sanctity, teaching, fame, and having been mentioned by others as potential candidates. Pentin and his collaborators also looked at the 19 cardinals in relation to the three offices of every bishop: sanctifying, teaching, and governing.


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