Republicans Twice as Likely as Democrats To Not Give Their True Opinion in Polls

- THE WESTERN JOURNAL - Sep 10, 2020 -

By C. Douglas Golden

Shy Republican voters? Shy Trump voters? What we’ve heard thus far is that there’s not a whole lot of concrete support for these theories. So, suck it up, buttercups: The GOP is losing and losing significantly, no matter if President Donald Trump is cutting into Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s lead to some degree.

While I admit that “suck it up, buttercup” is good advice for anyone in these snowflake-y days, it turns out conservatives might not be quite as wrong as we’re being told by the media.

A study released in late August found that far more Republicans and independents than Democrats were unwilling to share their opinions with pollsters.

“Lately, there’s been considerable debate over the accuracy of presidential polls. While recent polls show Joe Biden ahead, a number of pundits speculate that some Donald Trump supporters may be hesitant to share their true opinions when polled by phone,” a news release by CloudResearch, which conducted the study, read.

“That hypothesis is gaining traction, leading some to argue that Trump may be leading despite what the latest numbers show. It’s also being fueled by the belief that 2020 will be a repeat of the 2016 election, when Trump polled poorly in advance of the election, but still went on to win the Electoral College vote.”


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