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Read the Label! It’s BioNTech’s Vaccine, Not Pfizer’s

- EdV's Newsletter - ESPRIT DE VOLTAIRE (R. KOGON) - APRIL 14, 2023 -

As Covid-19 vaccine passports and mandates gradually fade into the past, now is the time of reckoning, and for the overwhelming majority of the opponents of the Covid-19 measures there is no question who, above all, should be made to pay: namely, Pfizer, the manufacturer of the eponymous vaccine that became the standard go-to Covid-19 vaccine throughout the West.

Or, in other words, #PfizerLiedPeopleDied, as the famous Twitter hashtag puts it.

But the problem with this is that Pfizer is not in fact the manufacturer of the drug in question. Yes, it is to various degrees responsible for the physical process of manufacturing it for many (though not all) markets. But it always manufactures it on behalf of another company, which as a matter of legal fact is the actual (owner and) manufacturer: namely, the German company BioNTech.

How do I know this? Well, because it says so right on the carton label! See below.

Adquira o livro de Heitor De Paola:

“Manufactured by”. “Manufactured for”. What could be clearer? Pfizer is a BioNTech contractor.

A more recent product label using the “Comirnaty” trade name dispenses with “by” and “for” and the Pfizer address altogether and, while politely still including the Pfizer logo, simply indicates BioNTech as manufacturer.

This is in keeping with the practice of the World Health Organization and regulators the world over, which likewise identify BioNTech, not Pfizer, as the manufacturer of the “Pfizer-BioNTech” vaccine.

See here, for instance, from the MHRA’s “Information for UK recipients on Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine”.


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