Poll: Americans Reject Defunding the Police

- TOWNHALL - JULY 5, 2021 - Reagan McCarthy -

Source: AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

A new poll spells bad news for advocates of the progressive-backed “defund the police” movement. According to a new survey conducted by Heritage Action, 64 percent of Americans oppose the movement to “defund the police,” and 52 percent of those registered voters strongly oppose stripping law enforcement of funding. Respondents also felt that President Joe Biden is not standing up for law enforcement enough; similarly, only 31 percent of those polled agree that crime has been controlled better under the Biden administration.

Far-left Democrats are the architects behind the “defund the police movement,” which gained traction in 2020. Still, the White House tried to pin blame on Republicans, who are overwhelmingly committed to supporting law enforcement.

In reality, the support for defunding law enforcement comes from Democrat lawmakers and activists.



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