Platform supports new Appeal for Nuremberg Trials for Communism


Prague, 8 November – On 7 November the Appeal for a Nuremberg of Communism (Bukovsky-Cristin document) was introduced in the Senate of the Italian Republic in Rome by Prof. Renato Cristin, Prof. Roberto de Mattei, Dr. Dario Fertilio, senator Adolfo Urso, senator Lucio Malan and Vito Comencini.

It is an international initiative promoted by Renato Cristin (University of Trieste, Italy), which expresses an idea of recently passed former dissident Vladimir Bukovskij, whereby Communism would receive the historical and moral judgment of irrevocable condemnation that Nazism has rightly received.

The thirtieth anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall is an opportunity to make a contribution not only to historical memory, but also to the concrete elaboration of a wide-ranging anti-totalitarian culture that looks to the future, with the aim of initiating a process that has the meaning and value of a Nuremberg of Communism.

Communism did not fall with the Berlin Wall. This ideology is still alive in the world, in states and parties that are openly communist and in political and cultural thought that minimizes and tries to erase the crimes of communism, as if it were a good idea which only happened to coincide with the rise of one brutal regime after another across decades and continents…” (from the Appeal).

The Appeal receives large international support. Among the first 200 signatories is Antonio Tajani (former president and currently member of the European Parliament, Italy), Prof.Stéphane Courtois (historian, author of the Black Book of Communism, France), Robert R. Reilly (director of the Westminster Institute, former director of The Voice of America, former member of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, USA), Mart Laar (former prime minister and chairman of the supervisory Board of the Bank of Estonia), Erhard Busek (former vice-chancellor of the Austrian Republic, Austria), Vladimir Kara-Murza (Chairman, Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom, Russia) and many others.


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