Pa. House committee passes election audit, likely won't be complete before certification of vote

-JUST THE NEWS - Nov 20, 2020 -

Nicholas Ballasy -

After initially calling for a full audit of the election results, the Pennsylvania House GOP advanced a measure for an "extensive risk-limiting audit," and all Democrats on the committee voted against it

A Pennsylvania House committee has passed a resolution authorizing an audit of the state's election results, but it likely won't be completed before the those results are certified.

The unofficial count shows Joe Biden beating President Trump in the keystone state by 81,384 votes — less than 1.5%.

After the election took place, Pennsylvania House Speaker Bryan Cutler, a Republican, called for the state to conduct a full audit of the results.

Cutler's office told Just the News that the Department of State is "moving forward with its standard audit post-certification" and hasn't responded to their request for a full audit.

The GOP-led State Government Committee passed a resolution on Wednesday "directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to coordinate a risk-limiting audit of ballots canvassed in the 2020 general election." All 10 Democrats on the committee voted against the audit, and 15 Republicans voted in favor of it.

The extensive risk-limiting audit would have to be completed by an outside entity.

f the State Government Committee. According to a press release from Topper's office, while the Department of State "does conduct an audit of every election, which is based on samples, the LBFC risk-limiting audit would encompass much larger samples and require data sets, much like what was done for an audit report on the 2020 primary election."




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