Our Crisis Already is at DEFCON-3

- AMERICAN THINKER - Dec 14, 2020 -

David Prentice -

We’re witnessing a historical rift in a cold (so far) civil war. It’s like overlooking the battlefields pre-Gettysburg, or looking at Hiroshima before the bomb.

DEFCON-3: What is that? Most center-right readers know.

DEFCON is a military preparedness alert system. It’s how we assess enemy threats. Our normal DEFCON number sits at 5, sometimes going to 4. We don’t know details, but it musters military readiness due to intelligence rumblings.

DEFCON-3 is a rare signal of danger.

DEFCON-3 was was enacted during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, moving to DEFCON-2 one week later. We hit DEFCON-3 during the Yom Kippur war of 1973. After the September 11 attacks, we were there, with an alert we might move to DEFCON-2, moving back to DEFCON-4 on September 14. DEFCON-2 was instituted during the Gulf War of 1991.

The system is complex, nuanced enough to bore us all, so onward to the point. This is not about the armed forces, it’s for those of us in America who want to have a country we treasure, one that will be worth saving. It’s calling all patriots, everyone who cares about our country, the center-right, moderates, independents; plus those sane Democrats who might be hiding.

DEFCON-3, moving rapidly towards DEFCON-2. A cultural alert:

1. We just had an election that was stolen. The evidence is clear, the left colluded, and stole this. The collusion/coordination was massive.

2. Pollsters are saying 60% of the country now believes this election was fraudulent.

3. The entire country knows this issue isn’t going away.

4. More than three quarters on the center-right believe that. Almost half of independents. Thirty percent of liberals. Those are serious numbers. Real. And growing.

5. Those numbers make it clear to anyone with a sentient brain that we cannot survive as a country without fixing what happened.



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