Optimism, Inc.: The Crushing Weight of Lies

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One reason why I remain optimistic about the impending end of wokism and the failure of the cultural revolution is that the dangers they pose are unsustainable. And by that I mean that they require such dissimulation, that the load of lies eventually will snap the spine of those asked to carry and disseminate them.

Star Trek’s John Gill

Joe Biden last week gave a series of speeches, answers and riffs that were nonsensical. By that I don’t just mean that he has no clue about how to arrest inflation, or the dangers of a spiraling violent crime rate or of an open border.

The problem is that he increasingly cannot finish a sentence and at times seems entirely incoherent. And the media, the Left, and the Democratic party—all once so eager to seek Trump’s removal as unhinged, and all but forced to take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or the target of a supposedly wired-up Rod Rosenstein, or diagnosed in absentia as nuts by Yale Professor Bandy Lee—seem determined to hide, but cannot, the all too obvious truth.

Why? They know there is no comparable alternative media that can replace their celebratory lies by the reality of Biden’s insidious dementia? The specter that Kamala Harris is unpalpable even to Democrats? The more Biden performs the role of an empty vessel, the more neo-Marxism can be poured into it? They are desperate and panicked at Biden’s decline, but have no viable alternatives other than masking his cognitive challenges, and so will lie to the bitter end?

But Biden’s performance or lack of it is not sustainable. By 2022 his lack of cognitive ability won’t be hidden. The public will know that it was lied to in the fashion of Edith Wilson assuring the country that a bedridden and near speechless Woodrow Wilson was completely fit to continue his duties as president.


An open border will take years to fix. We will suffer a trillion-dollars in entitlement costs, and legal, education, food, housing and transportation assistance to accommodate the 8-10 million who during this administration will cross illegally into the United States.

But an open border cannot be hidden by the media forever. The consequences of allowing those in whose first act is to break US law, second is to reside illegally in the US, and third is to fabricate identification to perpetuate their illegal residence will force Americans finally to close the border. If there is a fairness to impeachment, then Joe Biden certainly has by its standard violated his oath of office to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” by simply allowing or indeed encouraging law-breaking on a massive scale.

So far Biden has offered no defense of his open-border policy other than to blame Trump’s closed-border policy and cry “Racism!” The Democratic Party is ever so slowly alienating tens of thousands of voters of all races, religions and ethnicities, and seems oblivious in their arrogance to the sort of comeuppance on the horizon.

One reason why tribalism will cease is that it is unsustainable and that all other groups are starting to see where it leads and want no part of it. “La Raza” seems to have lost much of its resonance, the more, in counter-intuitive fashion, Latinos enter the US illegally and alienate US citizens of Hispanic ancestry.



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