Obama spying ‘beyond what anybody ever thought even possible’

GELLER REPORT - Aug 5, 2020 -

Trump: Obama spying ‘beyond what anybody ever thought even possible’

President says evidence of illegal surveillance is ‘breathtaking’

By WND, August 5, 2020:

U.S. Attorney John Durham has been investigating the Obama administration’s use of intelligence agencies to spy on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

What’s already known is that the now-debunked Steele dossier, a political opposition research document funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, was used as evidence to obtain surveillance warrants.

Durham’s inquiry has turned into a criminal investigation.

Now President Trump says that what has been uncovered is “breathtaking.

Just the News reported the president spoke late Tuesday on the issue.

“I caught them, we caught them spying, using the intelligence apparatus of our country to spy on an opponent or an opposing party’s campaign both before and after the election,” Trump explained in an interview with Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs.

“I do hear it is breathtaking what they found. That’s all I can say, breathtaking. And hopefully it will come out soon. But it is beyond what anybody ever thought even possible,” the president said.

The full interview:



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