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New York Times’ Latest Hire at Jerusalem Bureau Scrubbed Twitter Account of Anti-Israel Posts

- THE ALGEMEINER - Rachel O'Donoghue - MAY 22, 2022 -

The New York Times has a reputation for biased reporting when it comes to Israeli affairs, as our organization has previously detailed.

The Times’ history of spotty coverage has included the publication of a glowing profile of an antisemitic Gaza-based professor who has frequently likened Israel to Nazi Germany, and promoted modern-day blood libels; the hiring of a journalist who praised Palestinian suicide bombers; and describing the mastermind of Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program as a man who simply “wanted to live a normal life.”

And just last week, the newspaper’s Jerusalem bureau chief Patrick Kingsley penned an article that suggested Israel had acted “aggressively” in its response to Palestinian rioters who had congregated at the Temple Mount armed with stones, Molotov cocktails, and other weapons.

In the piece, Kingsley does acknowledge the violence that prompted a police intervention at the holy site upon which the Al-Aqsa mosque was built:

On Friday morning, video posted online by a Palestinian outlet showed that the clashes began after dozens of Palestinian youths threw stones at and set off fireworks in the direction of a police outpost on the edge of the compound. Only afterward did riot police enter the forecourt of the mosque. [emphasis added]

Yet he goes on to suggest that Israel has responded “aggressively” in dispersing rioters, even while reporting that there is evidence that Hamas deliberately encouraged the mob violence:

Hamas, the militant Islamist group, praised the stone throwers several times this week. Some Palestinians involved in the clashes chanted pro-Hamas slogans and carried the green flags associated with the group — raising questions about whether Hamas operatives had played a role in premeditating the unrest, knowing that Israel would likely respond aggressively. [emphasis added]

Kingsley might not have needed to speculate on whether Hamas was instigating riots if he had simply reported the militant group’s own words.

As HonestReporting detailed more than a week before Kingsley’s April 22 article, Hamas had urged Palestinians to come out in the “hundreds of thousands to protect our nation and our mosque,” adding that there are “Zionist threats to invade the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday [April 15] and conduct sacrifices.”

As we have also noted, these incitements are entirely predictable, and are almost a yearly occurrence.

Which brings us to our latest update about The New York Times’ Jerusalem office, specifically that its latest hire is a journalist who has already appeared on HonestReporting’s radar.


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