Model disappears after exposing China detention; Trump sanctions HK officials; WeChat to be banned

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Houses pulled down in mudslides; damaged roads and bridges, and floating cars. The scenes from Yangtze River area repeat now at the Yellow River as the third wave of flooding arrives.

Flood level rising, despite no heavy rain, indicating that something else was behind it. And in a county with zero flood-related deaths, falling into floodwater and drowning was instead counted as an 'accident'.

Conflicts between Chinese citizens and authorities are rising. Offices of a private firm were demolished by a state farm illegally. The police’s behavior led to protests.

A young Uyghur man published a video of himself in detention in Xinjiang region, and now he is missing.

And the US is purging ‘untrusted’ Chinese apps. The next is WeChat and its parent firm Tencent. This ban may be bigger than TikTok’s.


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