Military ‘Extremism’ Purge May Lead to Communism: Former Navy Lt. Commander

- THE EPOCH TIMES - Feb 6, 2021 -


Former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander, Steven Rogers, Trump 2020 Campaign advisory board member. (The Epoch Times)

Former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Steven Rogers said on Thursday that an order by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for the military to stand down to address “extremism” is unprecedented, unnecessary, and a dangerous road that leads to “communist China.”

“This to me, dangerous, it looks like a political litmus test, and it’s a road that you would only find in communist China or in the former Soviet Union,” former Lieutenant Commander Rogers told NTD.

Austin ordered a DOD-wide stand down to address extremism in the ranks on Wednesday.

Rogers said that the United States military has been a role model in addressing discrimination, extremism, radicalism, which has made the U.S. military the greatest on the earth.

He expressed concern about whether conservatives would be singled out.


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