Meet the team hoping to “shake up the food industry” with their cultivated meat alternatives

- BUSINESS LIVE - JUNE 30, 2021 - Ginette Davies -

Ed Steele and Max Jamilly set up Hoxton Farms to change the meat industry (Image: Hoxton Farms)

Ed Steele and Max Jamilly have a huge ambition - to supply cultivated fat to the world, and they have already begun creating it in the lab.

According to the team behind Hoxton Farms, fat is an underappreciated and versatile ingredient that has so much potential - and not just in food.

Excited by its potential, the pair decided to combine their skills in cell biology and mathematical modelling to set up a business together to make a better kind of fat.

Their work involves taking a few animal cells and growing them in bioreactors to produce a delicious, cruelty-free and sustainable ingredient - making animal fat without the animal.


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